How many times have you arrived at the trails and realized you forgot something important.

If you are like me it happens at least once a riding season. I’ve forgotten everything from my shoes to my helmet. The easiest way to not have this problem is to have a great memory, but for some of us that isn’t an option, so the second best way is to have a well-organized bike bag.

There are a bunch of options out there, from having just a regular backpack or travel bag to a bike specific case.

The Cat5 Gear is my choice for the best of the lot.

It has pretty much everything you need and a couple features you wouldn’t think about.

There are separate storage locations for your helmet, gloves, GPS, sunglasses etc…

The one compartment is meant for your shoes, but since I more often go mountain biking, I don’t want my sandy or muddy shoes in the case so I use it for my shirt or extra shorts.

It has a mesh liner so that your helmet, gloves and whatever other clothing or shoes you have in the case can breathe and for multiple day trips where you can’t always do laundry this is very welcome.

It’s available in several colours and has a hard shell to offer some protection.

At $72.00 it is a little pricey compared to a regular backpack or travel bag, but the convenience of having a compartment for everything and also a checklist that is built into the bag is worth every penny.

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