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Day 4 - Railway City Double Dead Elephant

Brought to you by Bikes and Beers Adventures "12 Beers of Christmas"

Welcome to Day 4 as we feature Railway City's Double Dead Elephant - a great IPA that delivers great taste for all of you IPA drinkers.

Double Dead Elephant packs a punch on the alcohol at 8%, but damn it is yummy (Bet you can't just have one :-). The beer has a sweet taste to it based on the candied peaches and aromas of cotton candy. The Double Dead Elephant is an annual release which comes out Sept 15th to celebrate the death of Jumbo the elephant - for more information on Jumbo check out the website

This beer would pair well with lots of spicy foods like most IPAs - curries, spicy BBQ sauces etc.

Let us know what you think of the beer or the video in the comments below.


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