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Puslinch Updated Trail Route

Updated Puslinch Route for Group 1

Hi Everyone

We have made a couple changes to the Puslinch route for Group 1 for the Triple Trail Challenge.

After pre-riding the course 2 weeks ago we found that some changes needed to be made to help keep the ride fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The ride will still start at the service center and follow the Twisted and Siesta singletracks. Once we are back on the double track, we will continue along it, instead of taking Knee Wound and The Pines.

The group will then re-connect the old route at Boot and Poison Ivy. These changes will ensure that everyone has enough energy to finish the 3rd system at Kelso and also that we all enjoy the Puslinch system. After all, this isn't a race and we want everyone to be able to finish the rides and have fun doing so.

The new route will still have of the features that makes Puslinch a great place to ride and showcase all the fun to be had.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the trails in a couple weeks.

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