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Trail Etiquette - Hikers

If you ride a mountain bike I'm sure you have encountered hikers enjoying a stroll along the same trails you are riding.

In many instances hikers will move off to the side of the trails to allow bikers room to ride however, I would recommend the following;

  • Slow down - there might be children or dogs that could accidently move into your line.
  • Announce your presence - If you have a bell that is awesome, but if you do not have a bell - a loud "rider up" gives the hiker the opportunity to move over to the side of the trail.
  • Say hello - A quick "hello" or "awesome day for a hike" as you roll by is a great way to improve the hikers experience with mountain bikers.

We all ride hard but at times it's about respecting others and sharing the trails so that we all enjoy the experience!


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