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Whitney's Training Journey

The details on the actual training part

Training in Tucson - Part Two

Training days consisted of rotating through Intensity Day, Endurance Day, and Rest Day. Here's a summary of hours and km on the bike:

If you’re keen you can find my routes and other data from the rides over on Strava →

Some memorable training moments:

  • "Wednesday Worlds" ride. Powered up a hill sprint and made a break off the front only to remember I didn't know the route and didn't know where the next turn was. Resulting in me waiting at the top for the group to catch up and continuing on. Note to self if you're going to "attack" the group, know the route.
  • Sprints and pace lines on both the Wednesday and Sunday rides. Great mock race rides to start getting my head in the race mindset for the season.
  • Long rides bonding time with my teammate Lindsay. 6 hr rides is a the new trend or at least Lindsay and I were trying to make it a thing, especially if there's delicious pizza and cookies from Time Market ( at the end.
  • Swinging by a farm at the end of the rides close to the house where there were miniature horses. Gosh I have such a soft spot for those little fellas.

Tasty stop at Time Market

Lindsay and I after interval training session on Old Spanish Trail. Don't let the smiles fool you the efforts were felt soon after.

My Friends

Cruising along The Loop to head out to Gates Pass with these two ladies.

Training Week Summary:

  • 11 days training days Tucson
  • 998.73 km cycled
  • 35h 10m on the bike
  • 3 rest day
  • 0 bolt lost during bike deconstruction and assemble for plan travel (victory!)
  • Smiles for miles

For anyone interested here is just some of the food I ate on top of the copious amounts of food I ate while riding. Thanks Homestretch for supplying my ride food. Food = Fuel.

Homestretch's ride fuel stash always stocked with the good stuff.

What's Next

The plan was to head down to USA Crit Hammerfest in Alabama for the first race of the season with a handful of teammates then a few of us were heading over to South Carolina for a training block the week after. However due to the COVID-19 virus, this race season is to be determined with all spring and early summer races being cancelled or postponed along with travel restrictions and social isolation advisories.... in other words, stay tuned. I am as eager as ever to see how this training translates to a race season. But first and foremost, public wellbeing and safety first. Please educate yourself, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Thanks and Recognitions

  • Canadian Mountain Bike Adventure Corp (AKA Bikes and Beers Adventures) for your continued support;
  • Homestretch Foundation for housing me and being nothing short of welcoming, encouraging and supportive;
  • Ainley Group for allowing me flexibility to pursue my goals in cycling while still allowing me be part of a great team of Consulting Engineers, Creating Quality Solutions Together;
  • Hamilton United Cycling for teammates who support each other on and off the bike;
  • Family and friends for your continuing support on this cycling endeavor.

Encouraging physical, mental, financial and social health through sport and community - Whitney Surgenor

And what would it be without trying a beer. Here’s a tasty Empire Brewing Sesh Squatch, a Session India Pale Ale, I had in Syracuse the night before flying out to Tucson. I’ll leave it to the experts at the HopHead Social Club, but I give it a thumbs up. Cheers!

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