• About Our Founders

    Mark Palmer

    Date of Birth: July 4, 1964


    Years Riding: 6-8 years


    Current Bike: Unkown


    Bikes Ridden: Nukeproof, Santa Cruz, Trek


    Favourite Craft Beer: All of them - enjoy a variety of flavours. However, if I had to pick just one beer it would be Beau's Lugtread.


    Day Job: Self employed as a consultant in Digital Sales and Marketing. I have been out on my own since 1999 and love both the freedom and challenges the entrepreneurial lifestyle brings. I am also the founder of Canadian Mountain Bike Adventure Corp (owner of the Bikes and Beers Adventures brand).


    FavouriteTrails: HydroCut and Turkey Point


    Why do you Ride: I love to ride because it gets me outside in nature with my friends. We can ride together, share stories, motivate each other and laugh at each other. There is no judgement- just friendship. You compete only with yourself and get exercise at the same time.


    I love the descents when you get some good speed and you follow the flow of the trails, shifting your body weight to manage the turns without braking, and getting the occasional air off the small jumps (not ready for the big jumps yet :-)


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