• Triple Trail Challenge - Silent Auction

    Okay, so here is the game plan;


    We have decided that in order to minimize touchpoints and interactions during the event that we would bundle up the various prizes donated and host a very simple online auction. Once winners are announced, we will package up your prize and provide it to your group leader who will make sure you receive your prize pack on event day.


    We have created 4 prize packs which are outlined below.


    All proceeds raised will go to the Food Allergy Canada Charity in honour of Sarah Pocaluyko. Read more about Sarah's story here




    • All bids must be submitted to mark@bikesandbeersadventures.com
    • Each email must include the Prize pack number along with your bid
    • I will update the site with the current bid as follows; First thing in the morning, Lunchtime, and End of day
    • Bids will be accepted up to Thursday night at Midnight(we will use the time stamp on the emails as the basis for the winning bids). I will also try and update the bids frequently during the evening on Thursday.
    • We will announce the winning bids on Friday morning. We will coordinate payment with the winning individuals.
    • Mark, Cindy, and Charles will not be eligible to participate
    • If something is missing or not working properly email mark@bikesandbeersadventures.com
    • There is not a ton of science behind this, so please be patient :-)

  • It would not be Bikes and Beers Adventures without the BEER

    Each prize pack above has a 6 pack of these delicious beers included!

    Furnace Room Brewery

    At a value of close to $20 alone for these tasty libations, you should be motivated to send in a bid :-)


    Each 6 pack will be a variety of the beers seen in the picture. You may not receive one of each, it all depends on what we get from Furnace Room.


    Check out the Furnace Room Brewery website

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