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2017 Toronto Bicycle Show

Bikes and Beers crew on the prowl.....

The Bikes and Beers crew was out in full force today at the Toronto Bicycle Show located in the Better Living Centre at the Exhibition. Now, I will admit this is the first time that I have been to the bicycle show and with starting our new venture into Mountain Biking it was a great investment of time for the crew.

We scoured the floor looking for great deals on bicycle parts and accessories. Personally, I was looking for a new helmet and potentially some shoes, however I did leave empty handed. That is not to say that there was not some great deals to be had, I just have a very large head and big feet which typically ends up in a very limited selection.

We did have a mission today - To meet as many vendors and potential partners for our Bikes and Beers business model. I think we felt pretty confident at the end of our tour that we had succeeded. We met some great vendors selling bike repairs, travel programs, health and nutrition products and so much more. I am looking forward to adding some of these into our business model to provide the best mountain bike experiences.

I realize that the picture above of Charles is a little scary at first, however he is one of our riding experts with a long family history of riders so he is harmless :-)

Andy, pictured above is our detail oriented guy with a riding stamina that is hard to compete with - this guy has capacity. I think he is currently in deep thought about something that Charles said?

In any event, the day was a great use of time. Meeting lots of people and talking about our new business as well as potential partnerships. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter as we will be making lots of announcements over the new few weeks. 

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