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Riding Season is just around the Corner

With the days getting longer and the weather getting nicer we are all getting excited for riding season. Before we can hit the trails though, there are a couple things to check on your bike and riding gear.


  • Condition of tires
    • tread wear
    • any side wall bulges, thread showing
    • air pressure
  • Brakes Pad wear and alignment
  • Chain clean and not stretched plus lubed
  • All bolts tight - loosen first and then retighten
  • Air pressure in fork and or shock
  • Gears shifting smoothly
  • Tighten Pedals,  clean clips and cleats or pins

If any of the above are causing problems before your ride, you should take the time to fix it yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge or take it to a professional you trust.

It’s always a great idea to double check your riding gear. It’s pretty easy to lose your gear over the winter so you want to make sure you have your gloves, helmet, shorts and shoes. From experience, it sucks and everyone laughs at you if you have to ride in street shoes or borrow a helmet for a ride. You might even have to borrow a buddy’s wife’s helmet for a ride. Thanks Joyce!

Also make sure the trails are open, while the weather is warmer some of the trails may still be pretty sloppy. Many places will post on their website if the trails are open. If not it’s best to be cautious and delay for a better weekend. It’s best not to wreck the trails and cause more work of the trail workers.

With that, enjoy the first ride of the season.

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