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Hurry up Spring!

This past weekend was way too beautiful to not get out and ride.

The weekend started off with Charles and I attending the Toronto Bike show on Saturday. We actually found some pretty good deals on the clothing side of things - shorts, shirts and some nutrition products. We also had the opportunity to chat with a lot of vendors, especially the various bike clubs and destination hosts. One that was really interesting to us was the group from Killington, Vermont - guess where we might be planning a trip to next year???

After a few hours at the bike show, I just felt super inspired to get out on my bike. Based on my inspiration, I chatted with Charles about the idea of riding Sunday morning at Hydrocut (hoping the trails would be open) and a plan was born.

We got up a decent time Sunday morning and we checked the trail reports and noted that they were still open, so we packed up the bikes and headed to Kitchener.

By the time we arrived at Hydrocut, we checked in with a few other riders at the Snyder's entrance and they let us know which trails were good and those that had turned muddy. We then got our gear on and started our ride. We knew that the snow would be getting mushy as the sun was out in full force, so we just tried to get as much trail in while avoiding any trails with mud or slush. In the end, we got 8km in on the strava and got a good enough workout as well(first ride in a long time).

The trails ended up getting closed by the time we were done which we figured would happen as the trails were starting to get mushy by the end of our ride. It felt great to be back out on the trails, especially as I got to try out my new Evolve 29er bike. Now, this ride was not ideal for the first time on this baby, however it allowed me to get a general feel for the bike. I can hardly wait to get this beast on the trails when the there is only dirt for as far as the eye can see :-)

Right now, I am hoping for an early riding season, with little to no rain on the weekends so we can get a ton of riding in this year. Personally, I am targeting to hit between 1,000km and 1,200km this year - came close last year, but my schedule and weather did not cooperate resulting in me being about 16km short of the 1,000km target.

See you on the trails

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