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Riding in Tulum Mexico

by Stephane Sauve

Riding in Tulum, Mexico

Early morning ride today on “the bikes with no brakes” into Tulum Beach for a Croissant and a Cappuccino at Tunich. Tunich is a Cafe in the beach area with a "people watching" view on the main strip instead of an ocean view.
While we were enjoying our Croissant and cappuccino ... a Great conversation broke out about the economics of the Beverage situation in Mexico. A cappucino or bottle water is anywhere between 95 pesos and 130 peso. A Cerveza is 35 pesos, Conclusion you can get three times more Cervezas if you forego water and coffee :-)
We then took a leisurely cycle down the main strip to a rock formation where we locked the bikes and continued with a morning walk down the beach with the waves lapping at our toes. With the water teasing our feet, we decided that is was time for an ocean swim ... we walk into the surf and slip under the water stretching out the mind and Body under the warm sun.
In this area, there are many beautiful Beach clubs available with Palapas and available spa treatments including beach side massages - tempting, but not today.
In the afternoon, we decided on a road trip to Soliman Bay approx 16 km from Tulum, a quaint and private getaway surrounded buy ultra exclusive homes and a few Boutique Hotels all on the oceanfront ! Not too many tourists in this area
The best un-chartered snorkeling is located here. You are able to rent a Kayak from Chamico camping and head out towards the reef. Once you get to the reef, you are able to hook up the Kayak to the Buoy and then you are off to a spectacular treat along the coral reef. Brain Coral, Black Coral, Blue Fan Coral and a slew of beautiful and colourful fish and sea urchin await you under the water.
Once you are tuckered out, take a minute to enjoy a Cervezas on the beach. Another great place to relax is the Jashita Boutique Hotel where you can treat yourself to a wonderful lunch and a breathtaking view.
Later in the day, we enjoyed another excellent Shrimp and Pasta Dinner at Posada Margherita. Dinner included their Famous Focaccia Platter and bottle of Nebbiolo.
It has been another amazing Day in Paradise filled with Sunshine and Great Memories.
hasta mañana
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