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First ride of the season - Turkey Point

About time..... getting out for the first ride was amazing!

I don't know about you, however, I have waited a long time to get back out on the trails. When Charles put it out there to hit the trails at Turkey Point on April 7th - no need to ask me twice.

Now Turkey Point is about an hours drive from Burlington, but it was well worth the drive. I think there were a lot of other people feeling the same way as upon arrival it was difficult to find a parking spot anywhere. Great to see the buzz of people parking, setting up their bikes and riding the trails.


The weather was perfect for the first ride of the season. It was cool for sure, but once you got moving the body heat kept you very comfortable. The trail conditions were great as well. The were dry and tacky with a few wet spots that could easily be avoided. The bottom-line the trail conditions did not hamper your ability to get a great ride under your belt.


I think we rode for about 1.5 hours and completed 18km - none of us were exhausted, we just felt great after this one. Perhaps it was the long wait during winter and the excitement to get back on the bikes that made it feel better - I don't know - it just felt great!


Personally, I did not break any records on my strava, however, I did come in with some 2nd and 3rd place finishes on my previous times - not bad for the first time out.


Turkey Point is one of my favourites and I will certainly be back a few times this summer to challenge my times, enjoy the pines, and perhaps take a dunk in the lake after a ride.

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