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Whitney's Journey - Preparation

Getting organized for the trip to Arizona

Preparing for the trip

This is but one of many chapters towards and through the 2020 road race season. If anything I hope you take away just how grateful I am to be continuously inspired by the people around me.

As Andy Warhol puts it "The world fascinates me."

Prelude: Think, Plan, Do

I won't bore you with the details but for any interested here are a few details my coach and I discussed prior to heading down to Tucson to maximize my time there. With her knowledge and experience, and my ability and resources the following are some take away points, but not a detailed summary.

  • Have a training plan for the weeks leading up to Tucson.
  • Travel days are not training or rest days. Block those off.
  • Work towards 20 hrs on the bike for the week in Tucson.
  • Rotate through a 3 day training rotation: 1- Intervals Focused, 2- Endurance Focused, and 3- Rest, then repeat.
    Note: To optimize my time in these preferred training conditions, my coach recommended to double 'Endurance' days.

And the learning opportunities continued even before I got to the airport... traveling on a plane with a bike. Apparently taking my road bike as a carry-on is not acceptable. As such with the help from a friend who lent me his travel bike box I learn the importance of knowing basic bike maintenance and mechanic knowledge. I am very glad I chose to "test run" bike packing a few days before leaving, as I learned a ton that night. It was very frustrating at times, but now I know how to take apart my bike and put it back together. Thanks for the assistance and support from friends, google, and YouTube.

Homestretch: Accommodations and So Much More

So the flight tickets purchase, but where do I stay?

In comes the Homestretch Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that provides temporary housing and other resources to professional or elite athletes, primarily female athletes, who face financial and economic discrepancies. I had applied to Homestretch a year ago and knowing there was a waiting list, I was thrilled to hear they had a spot for me after last minute unexpected changes to their December residence list.

Storage shed at Homestretch, which was cozy and secure for our bikes to sleep tight.

Bikes sleeping quarters also included cubbies for helmets, shoes and other bike riding items like sunscreen for my pale Canadian winter skin.

With a lot on my plate the weeks leading up to and while down in Tucson, Homestretch was a refreshing and warm welcome with their supportive, inspiring and encouraging environment.


Stay tuned for my next post outlining my days in Arizona..........

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