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I had a really shitty bike week last week

Some weeks are good and some weeks just suck!

Shitballs - that is all I can say!

I love my Nukeproof Mega TR 27.5 and have been riding it for close to 3 years. I bought it off another rider via Pinkbike (only after my trusted mechanic checked it out real good) and have been in love ever since.

The bike just fits me - it feels right and anyone that rides will appreciate that. Finding a bike that feels good is a journey and when you do, it is not something that you want to let go. Well, last week my mechanic noted two cracks in the frame during some other maintenance work which now renders my bike useless. Seriously, what am I supposed to do? I am lost without my Nukeproof!

On that same day, I was supposed to be riding with a group of friends that night for a birthday celebration. Okay, I will use the Santa Cruz that my wife normally rides - no biggie. Wrong, about 7km into the ride doesn't the rear derailleur get caught up in my back tire and snaps the hanger off and the derailleur itself snaps in half. All I could do was laugh - here I am out for a ride to help me overcome the loss of my Nukeproof and I destroy my wife's bike - WTF!

Now I had to figure out how to make some lemonade out of all these lemons in my life. First step, send some pics and an email to Nukeproof to see what they may be willing to do to put me back on the bike I love. The frame is only 5 years old and while it is not technically under warranty, I have to think they will stand behind the frame a little bit. I am not an aggressive rider and I don't anything crazy so I have my fingers crossed that Nukeproof will help me get back on my bike - I am missing her badly right now.

The next step was to get the Santa Cruz fixed up. I took the bike to my mechanic and he was able to simply rebuild the rear derailleur, put on a new chain, and a new rear cassette. Took the bike out on Saturday and it worked beautifully - a little smile came upon my face :-)

Well, here is to the start of a fresh new week - I got one bike back on the trails and now I wait to hear back from Nukeproof - I will keep you posted on the outcome of that.


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