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Road Ride: Kilbride toMoffat Ontario

Yup, we are more than mountian biking - LOL

This blog is written for beginner riders and for those riders that would like to experience road riding throughout the Niagara Escarpment.

Skill Level: Beginner with lots of hills

Place that we stop at during the ride:

  • Mountsberg Conservation lake at bottom of Leslie Rd
  • Badenoch park – look up eagle nest
  • Dar’s Bakery
  • Lot of Streams for taking pictures

Total distance : 42 kms

  • The route Starts  at Kilbride public school
  • Turn right onto Kilbride St.
  • Turn right on Milborough line and continue to follow Milborough line
  • Road will change name to Leslie Rd and it follows the 401
  • Turn right on Victoria Rd South
  • Turn right Wellington County Road 36
  • Turn left and continue to follow Wellington Road 36
  • Turn right on 15th side rd
  • Dar's Delights Bakery is located at the corner of 15th side rd and 1st line  
  • Turn right on 1st line
  • Continue straight down the escarpment - note: this road will change to McNiven Rd
  • Turn right on Derry Rd
  • Turn right on Twiss Rd
  • Turn right on Kilbride st
  • Turn right on Kilbride public school

Highlight of the ride

This is great ride for beginners that are interested in doing lots of smaller hill repeats. Kilbride Ontario is a small Rural community north of Burlington. Please note that rural roads do not have bike lanes however, traffic is light on Sunday morning.

My favourite part of this ride is enjoying the nature and all the small farms along the way. You will notice a lot of riders on the roads - from individual to larger organized group rides.

The hills are not overwhelming but there are many, including two longer 4% grade hills .

At the 25km mark in Moffat all riders stop at Dar’s Delights 11004 First Line Nassagaweya, Moffat

After Dar’s butter tarts it’s all downhill from there on the 1st line. If you are lucky enough to have the wind on your back that day you will get some nice speed without having to pedal too hard. This is one of the perks of this ride..... ah ;) enjoy


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