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My Ongoing Bike Saga

The trials and tribulations of a rider with no bike......

Well, I promised an update on shitty bike week so here it goes.

I had to send three emails to Nukeproof and also post on Facebook messenger before I got any dialogue started. I ended up having a few exchanges via Facebook and email with two different service reps. Both were adamant that because it was out of warranty there was nothing that they could really do. No doubt I was frustrated - I loved my Nukeproof - shit, I even bought the clothing :-) The one rep did offer to have one of their distributors reach out and provide a discount on a new frame - that came the other day with a 20% discount - WTF - the frames were cheaper a few weeks ago online. Guess what - I am not going to be riding a Nukeproof anymore.

Next step - find a new bike for Marky to ride. I thought if I was going to get a new bike to ride I wanted to support a Canadian manufacturer, so my search began. I came across more brands then I thought were out there and started trying to find one or two that had a similar geometry to the Nukeproof. I settled on Staran and Evolve - both appeared to have great bike options and a solid customer service approach.

I reached out to both companies and they both started a dialogue with me within 24 hours which happened to be on a Sunday - Really cool! I ended up picking the Staran bike as they are located close to home and Jeff was absolutely amazing to work with. We went back and forth on many options, builds, and price points and finally settled on a bike and a budget. Check out Staran (, I think they still have a few deals left :-)

Here is a picture of what my bike will look like - my build will have the xFusion shocks, but yes the colour will still be green (at least I cant get lost on the trails :-)

A couple of things to note through this experience;

1) I don't care if your warranty is expired after two years. If a bike ends up with two cracks on welds and it is only 5 years old - help a rider out in a serious way. I was a brand advocate for Nukeproof, not any longer. BTW - Staran's warranty is 10 years on the frame.


2) Service, service and more service - those are the brands that deserve your money. We all work hard for the cash we spend, therefore reward those companies that give a shit and stand behind their product.

Now, I will say this - I am still very interested in getting an Evolve bike, however it will have to wait until next year. They responded quickly and were helpful as well - their location BC just made getting a bike to me a longer process. They also offer the option to get a custom paint job - love that concept. Give them a looksy though - great deal on a carbon frame bike and with a lifetime warranty no doubt (

Peace - Mark

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