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Trail Etiquette: Uphill vs Downhill?

Who has the right of way?

Another beautiful Saturday afternoon!

The sun was shining and the trails were nice and tacky perfect conditions for riding!
I was at a good pace, three quarters of the way up a tight uphill when another rider began his descent. I know that he saw me, but he continued speeding downhill without even acknowledging that I was there. Rather than stopping, I moved over slightly trying to keep my balance, however, because my line was off I clipped my handlebar on a tree which caused me to crash. Luckily there was no damage just a few minor grazes on my leg!
I know that there are circumstances that arise when you have already committed to the descent but I still believe that there is proper etiquette to follow: 

  • Slow down and move over to allow the uphill rider the opportunity to maintain their line
  • If you have not committed to a descent stop and wait for the uphill rider to complete their climb.

I know we all want to push ourselves to try get that personal best on a certain trail but I would rather sacrifice my time so that another rider does not crash and get injured.

It's all about having respect for your fellow mountain bikers and having fun on the trails!
Happy riding!

Andy :-)

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