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My Weekend Craft Beer Experience

In case you were wondering what I was doing.......

Lucky for me my daughter decided to go to a university in a great community with a few nice craft breweries. Peterborough has a few Craft Breweries and Craft Beer cafe's that will appeal to all of us crafty tasters, so I had to try a few out this past weekend.

Friday night was pick up night to bring my daughter home for the weekend. The drive is just over 2 hours one way, so we are not keen on arriving and then driving straight back, especially if we are not in a rush. All three of us had a hunger on, so we looked for a place to rest our bodies and feed our souls - we found the perfect place at The Publican House Brewery.

What a gem - from the time we arrived until the time we left we thoroughly enjoyed this place. We got seated up on the 3rd floor of this old house which had the perfect casual and relaxing atmosphere we were looking for. Our server for the evening was also the bartender in the top floor and what a personality - she was absolutely amazing. Full of energy, smiles, and laughs we immediately felt welcome.


Alright, the next order of business was to get my hands on a great craft beer so after a little discussion with our server we agreed that the Square Nail IPA was the beer to drink that night. Great choice - very refreshing IPA without any overpowering hoppiness - perhaps it was the toffee malt that smoothed out the grapefruit -it just went down real nice. I guess it might also be the fact that I was really looking forward to a good beer :-)

A little FYI - Square Nail Pale Ale gets its name from the hundreds of square nails used in the construction of the 170-year old building that is now home to The Publican House - very cool!


Well now that the beer is going down good, we needed something to fill the other void - Hunger! The Publican House has a great menu with lots of really good options. We ended up starting out the meal by sharing the Chilli Cheese Fries - ridiculously good. After the happy appy, we each ordered our own main course - Chick Pea Curry with Chicken for me, Cornmeal Crusted Pickeral for Mrs. P, and the good old Margherita Wood Oven Pizza for my daughter. All I can really say is WOW - what a great meal - we all loved what we ordered.

We had such a good experience at The Publican House that I can hardly wait until I have to go back and get my daughter again - I might turn into a regular :-)

If you are ever in Peterborough, you need to drop by and have a lunch or dinner - both the beer and food are worth it.

Peace - Mark

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