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Hydrocut Triple Trail Challenge Routes

Hydrocut Routes for Triple Trail Challenge

Hydrocut – Triple Trail Challenge

We start out Challenge with one of the premier mountain biking destinations in Ontario. The Hydrocut has over 20km of singletrack of which we will be riding just of half.

Starting at the Glasgow parking lot all the groups will enter on Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks. This trail has some nice berms , easy climbs and fun descents to get the legs warmed up before entering the woods proper.

After Kaitlyn’s we hit Stinky Girl, don’t let the name fool you, this is a super fun trail with some excellent flow and opportunities to let the bike do the work.

At the end of Stinky Girl we come to our first split in the trails for our groups. Group 1 will take the Bride while Groups 2 and 3 will continue on to Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is one of our ride leader’s favourite trails in Ontario. Charles describes the Bride as having everything you could want from sharp steep climbs to let off the brakes and fly descents. Some great natural terrain makes this trail fun at any speed.

Both Groups will then ride The Bride is mostly downhill at a nice shallow grade so you don’t feel like you are going to crash at any time. Some nice bermed corners and well thought out turns makes this trail a blast from top to bottom. There is a rock garden towards the end that will challenge anyone who wants to ride it, but there is a nice work around for those that are comfortable missing the rocks.

Bypass takes you from Stinky Girl to the climb up Rocky Mountain. Both are fun trails that will lead us up the Hydrocut towards Scramber.

Once we climb the trails up the Hydro lines, Group 1 will then head back towards the parking lot down the Back 40 trail. Group 2 and 3 will continue for another 2 Km doing the Scrambler and Monkey Boy. Scrambler is a climbing singletrack with a few downhill spots, but it mostly is there to set up for the super fun and super fast Monkey Boy. There is another split on Monkey Boy for those who want to ride a log drop/jump, those who do not can easily take a trail to the right and miss this feature.

When on Back 40, it is a blast down the Hydro line to Rocking Ronnie which is our singletrack back to the parking lot. Rockin Ronnie has a couple little tricky sections but it is mostly a nice fun way to end the first trail on our Triple Trail Challenge.

You can visit the below loops on TrailForks by clicking on the routes below.

Check back tomorrow for the reveal of our Puslinch Routes.

Group 2 & 3 Route

Group 1 Route

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