• About Us

    A group of passionate Mountain Bikers and Craft Beer Lovers

    A Passion for Riding

    We simply want to have fun! We are a bunch of guys that have been riding for many years and finally decided to build a business from our passion. We thought long and hard about what to create and some of those discussions are still ongoing, however what we do know is that we want to get more people riding the beautiful trails in Ontario, across Canada, and perhaps the world. Join us for this journey - it will be a blast!

    A Passion for Craft Beer

    Did we say there was only one passion? Sorry, we also enjoyed quenching our thirst after a good ride with some of the finest Ontario Craft beers available. In fact, we enjoy trying something new all the time - experimenting with various types, flavours and regions. So join us as we share our favourites and perhaps take you on a craft beer journey.

    Two Passions Combined

    What better way to create a new business then combine your passions - we want to create experiences that offer great trail adventures and craft beer tastings. Sometimes we are even going to combine the two passions into one journey - you do not want to miss those :-)

  • The Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Mark Palmer


    I love to ride because it gets me outside in nature with my friends. We can ride together, share stories, motivate each other and laugh at each other. There is no judgment - just friendship. You compete only with yourself and get exercise at the same time.

    Charles Cabardos

    Former Racer

    Former racer turned weekend warrior who loves finding new trails to explore with good friends and a rewarding beer after the ride. To enjoy the challenge of riding a perfect line through singletrack and the feel of the trees and rocks rushing past you at close range.

    Stephane Sauve


    Do the right thing and do the best you can! Biking is therapeutic – it combines excellent exercise and nature.

    Andy Meaning

    Mr. Sensitive

    I love mountain biking because it is not only a physical endeavor that pushes one's athletic ability but it is also a spiritual connection between the rider, their bike, and the stunning beauty through which we propel ourselves.

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