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Puslinch Triple Trail Challenge Routes

Puslinch Routes for Triple Trail Challenge

Puslinch – Triple Trail Challenge

Our second trail for the Triple Trail Challenge is one of Ontario’s hidden Gems for mountain biking, somewhat overshadowed by nearby Hydrocut and Kelso, this trail network is as varied and fun to ride as either place.

Starting behind the service center off the 401, we enter into the Twisted trail. This trail is doubles back on itself a couple of times and you will get a great view of everyone in your group. Another great way to warm up the legs are there are a couple of short climbs on this trail.

Finishing Twisted, we get to Siesta and Knee Wound, both trails are similar to Twisted as they run through some Pines and allow a nice easy start to the ride.

There trails lead to what could be the highlight of the trail for all the Groups, The Pine Loop and Shag Me. These are excellent trails through with a little of everything for everybody. Some super flowy trail with fast descents and short climbs to give you another fun descent. This is really a trail for all skill levels and will leave everyone with a big smile at the end of it.

After Shag Me, Group 1 will continue along the double track to Boot and Poison Ivy. These trails are nice and wide and allow some good flow. A couple tough climbs on Poison Ivy will lead to nice easy descents to keep the grin factor up.

Group 2 and 3 will take Root, which has a couple tricky sections on it, to some double track and then Cedar Love Shack. This trail is a fun black diamond singletrack to link us back up to Boot and Poison Ivy.

After Poison Ivy, all the groups will go down to some double track to a trail junction which is the beginning of Hardwood 2. Group 1 will skip this black diamond to continue along the Commuter double track. This double track is a nice fast descent which will let you get your speed up before coming to Flow.

Group 2 and 3 will enter Hardwood 2. This trail is a technical fun trail with some steep climbs and steep descents. It has some tricky corners that will test your brakes and your nerve to hold your line. All of it is rideable and becomes more of a challenge the faster you go.

Joining back onto Commuter, all the Groups will follow the same route back to the parking lot. Commuter, Flow, Campsite, Hobo Exit Camp and the 401 to finish the ride. These trails are nice and easy and a great way to cool off after a fun ride through Puslinch. A great way to end the ride before our final destination.

Group 1 Route

Group 2 & 3 Routes

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