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Kelso Triple Trail Challenge Routes

Kelso Triple Trail Challenge Routes

Kelso – Triple Trail Challenge

We finish the Triple Trail Challenge with one of Ontario’s oldest and best known mountain bike destinations. Parking at the top parking lot, Group 1 and 2 will take Turkey Shoot and Energy Damping Field to start their ride. These trails are nice, easy trails to warm up the legs after being in the car for the ride from Puslinch.

Group 3 will jump right into Extreme. This trail is Andy’s (Group 3 ride leader) favourite trail. This trail has some great rock garden descents and some nice technical sections. There are a couple log piles and narrow sections to keep everyone on their toes after the rock sections.

All the groups will then take a nice flowing ride through Darry’s Alley before Group 1 heads along double track to Field and Forest, a fast wide singletrack that is sure to put a big smile on your face.

Group 1 will then turn right on Rock Garden and head over to the escarpment overlooking the Glen Eden Ski Hill and some great picture opportunities.

Group 2 and 3 will go straight where Group 1 turned right and head over to Old Dump Trail. This trail is fast and provides and couple challenges. There is a cut off that contains a nice rock garden that those who are feeling good on the rocks can take and it will merge back with those who took the root descent instead.

Finishing Old Dump Trail, Group 2 and 3 will then take Bruce Trail Connector to Rock Garden. Bruce Trail is a straightforward trail with some roots to keep things interesting.

After Rock Garden, the groups will continue along to Quarry Trail. This wide fast trail has been used in many races and rides at Kelso and is one of the most popular in the trail system.

All the groups will then turn down Lora’s Run, which is a nice fast fun descent back to Rock Garden. They will then climb up Wizard’s Way, which is a direct line to the junction instead of the more meandering Quarry Trail.

At the junction all the groups will continue along to Rough Trade. Group 1 will bypass Rough Trade and head back along the full Turkey Shoot.

Turkey Shoot is a twisty trail that never ends. It is a great exit trail and can be ridden at any speed and still produce a fun ride and will be an excellent final trail for the Triple Trail Challenge.

Group 2 and 3 will take Rough Trade, this is another of Charles and Andy’s favourite trails. It offers everything you want on a trail. Some short steep descents with some rock gardens followed by some excellent flow where you can keep the speed up. Everyone who rides this trail has nothing but good things to say about it. It is a challenge to keep a great line through all the different sections.

To exit, Group 2 and 3 will take Energy Damping Field to the final half of Turkey Shoot. An excellent cool down after the challenge of Rough Trade.

Group 1 Route

Group 2

Group 3

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