• COVID-19 Policy

    While things are looking decent right now with vaccination rates around 85% in Ontario and case numbers decreasing, all riders must still be diligent in respecting each other's space and well-being.


    Where possible, group rides on the trails will be limited to 10 riders per leader. There may be exceptions once in a while due to resources, however, they should be minimal.


    Key recommendations that apply to everyone:

    • Do not attend any rides if you feel sick at all. The general rule will be if the group leader feels that you are showing any signs of being sick, he or she can ask you to leave the group
    • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Cover both your nose and mouth when coughing. Try to cough or sneeze into your arm, away from others, or into tissue paper (to be disposed in the toilet). Wash your hands immediately afterwards.
    • Do not get closer than 2 metres or 6 feet to another rider.
    • Do not shake hands or make any kind of skin contact.
    • Do not use other riders equipment such as helmets, gloves, water bottles etc.
    • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness.
    • Face masks are most effective in preventing transmission when worn by the person who is ill (Face masks are optional)



    • Health Canada click HERE
    • World Health Organization click HERE
    • Government of Canada advice on mass gatherings click HERE
    • Government of Canada Travel Advice & Advisories click HERE


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